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1.  the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity etc....


I think this is a good time of the year for us all to reflect on the meaning of the word "commitment".  It is certainly one that gets bandied about a lot in youth sports as in the perception that it must be meshed with pure talent and physical prowess along with a sprinkling of luck in order to achieve personal success.

To me, it is far more important.  In fact, it really has to be the starting point for any athlete, especially a youth soccer player, and doubly that for a Penn Legacy player.  

Sometimes I hear stuff like "our white teams require less commitment than our black teams, or that older age teams don't have as high a commitment expectation because those players now have jobs, or harder class schedules, or a busier social life".  What complete and utter nonsense......

If you choose to accept a spot on a Penn Legacy team (ANY Penn Legacy team) then we expect commitment to the cause; to your teammates; to your development as a footballer; to your coach and to your club.  Just like I expect commitment from our coaching staff; just like the Board of Directors expect commitment from me as the Director of Coaching and Player Development.  

This does not mean that we all can't have other interests or other significant things going on in our lives.  It also does not mean that we will never have conflicts or that we will have times when it is hard to fulfill your commitment.  It simply means that you are committed to what you signed up for, you are committed to upholding your player code of conduct, and when the chips are down, or your team is struggling, that you are there to stand up and be counted.  That you are committed to attending every team training session and game.  On and off the field, whether you are in your Penn Legacy uniform or not, that you are committed to becoming the best person and young footballer that you can be.  

 Make good decisions, lead by example, give your best effort all the time.  If we can all meet there we will be in great shape.





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