Three PL Players Sign with Inferno

Three former Penn Legacy players sign with the Lancaster Inferno for their 2017 season. The Inferno plays in the United Women's Soccer (UWS) national league. The UWS aspires to be true division 2 league beneath the National Women's Soccer League (NWSL).

Goalkeeper Brooke Myers (Penn Legacy '97 Black) signs with the Inferno after spending her red-shirt freshman season at West Virginia University, the Big 12 champions/tournament champs & NCAA College Cup Runner Up in 2016. She is transferring to West Chester University to continue her collegiate career in Fall 2017. Brooke was a 4 year starter during high school and attended both Central Regional H.S. (2 years) & Middletown Area H.S. (2 years). As a 2-year captain, Brooke received Rookie of the Year, MVP, and was named All-Star First & Second Team. Brooke was a three-year member of the Penn Legacy ’97 Black team, which ranked No. 2 in Pennsylvania in 2014.

“I am incredibly grateful and humbled to be awarded a spot on Lancaster Inferno. I look forward to the opportunities this team will bring me in the future.“

Maddie Schwartz signs with the Inferno as a graduating senior standout from Hempfield High School (Landisville, Pa). Maddie was a four-year starter and captain her senior year. She was a 3-time Lancaster-Lebanon League Section 1 All-Star, and was selected for the Big 11. Maddie played club soccer for Penn Legacy, and will begin her collegiate career at McDaniel College in Fall 2017.

Aubrey Suydam signs with the Inferno as a graduating senior standout from Manheim Township High School. Aubrey was a four-year starter at MTHS, where she was named a Lancaster-Lebanon League All-Star for two seasons. She played youth club soccer for Penn Legacy FC and LDC United. Aubrey will enter her first collegiate season at Saint Francis University in Fall 2017.

“I’m very excited to be able to have this new opportunity and to see this help me improve going into my first college season!“

Director of Coaching, Seamus Donnelly says, "We are so proud of the Penn Legacy girls who have made the Inferno roster this season. Maddie, Brooke, and Aubrey were fantastic players for us. As a club we are so focused on the development of the players in our care, so when we see tangible results like this it is very satisfying. But make no mistake about it, these three girls deserve all the credit because of the talent they possess and how hard they have worked at improving their game. I have seen the Inferno play twice now, and that is a seriously high level of play, so it really is quite an accomplishment to make their roster. I wish them, and the team, all the best this season."

Lancaster Inferno’s Home Opener vs NY Surf is this Sunday, June 4th at 3pm (Millersville University’s Pucillo Field). As official youth club partners, Penn Legacy PLAYERS & COACHES receive FREE game admission to EVERY Inferno home match. To access your free ticket, visit link & enter code (check for club wide email with info today) / Game Admission is $5 / kids ages 5 and under are FREE

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Why Choose Real Madrid?



As you all know by now, Penn Legacy is about to host a unique sporting occasion in this area when our weeklong Real Madrid Foundation Clinic begins on June 26th.  I have fielded some excellent questions in recent weeks relating to the clinic and so I thought I would take a minute to publicly answer some questions/concerns as it may help everyone interested in signing up for the week.

Who exactly is running the Clinic?  

The Clinic is run as a joint-partnership between Penn Legacy and generation adidas international (the international youth development arm of the brand adidas).  Generation adidas provides the access to Real Madrid Foundation coaches, while both GAI and Penn Legacy handle all clinic logistics and operations.

Why is it called a Clinic and not simply a Camp?  Is there a difference?

Yes and no.  The Real Madrid Foundation use the word "Clinic" to make a clear distinction between what they do, and what is normally thought of when the word "Camp" is used.  It is set up like a summer camp in terms of hours and lunch break, but the actual content of what goes on during the week, they feel, is much different than a normal week of soccer camp. 

Will the coaches be actual coaches from Real madrid?

Absolutely.  There will be 2 Real Madrid coaches in charge of our Clinic.  They currently work in the famed Real Madrid Youth Academy in "The City of Football" and also work in The Real Madrid Foundation, which goes out into the clubs and schools of Madrid to work with kids of all ages in their football development.  So these coaches have seen it all, they operate with some of the top youth talent in the world, and also with kids who love the game but don't actually get to play in the Real Madrid Academy.

Will there be any Penn Legacy coaches present?

Yes, for sure.  Rossi and I will be there all week, along with other club coaches to assist the Real Madrid coaches.

What is the format of the Clinic?

The players will participate in an intense and demanding session with one of the Real Madrid coaches each morning and afternoon.  Before and after each of their 2 daily sessions with the Real Madrid coaches they will spend time with either Rossi or I working in a more relaxed environment where technique and other vital elements of development will be the focus.  Every day will follow the Real Madrid Methodology for Youth Development.  More details on the daily itinerary will be sent to each registrant in the form of an official newsletter from generation adidas international.

How come the entire week is not spent with the Real Madrid coaches?

This goes back to the Clinic vs Camp question.  Their belief is that it is impossible to spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, working in an intense, demanding environment.  There must be a break to recover and perform other soccer skills in order to maximise the intense part.  The goal is that Thursday's and Friday's sessions with the Real Madrid coaches are every bit as intense and energetic as Monday's and Tuesday's.  I think we have all seen what normally happens at soccer camp when, by Thursday, blisters, cramp, and heat exhaustion have taken over, and everyone kind of goes through the motions until the next water break.  This should not occur at this Clinic, and I think it will lead to a much more productive week of learning.

What are the plans for heat?  What about lunch breaks?

We are delighted to be working with Lanco Fieldhouse for the week where we plan on utilizing their facility for parts of each day to take a break from the heat and just to do something different.  All the logistics about this will be announced on the first day.  The fields we will be using are the ones along Lemon Street which is a short, safe walk to the Fieldhouse.  The Fieldhouse will also be available in the event of any severe weather during the week for cover and safety, and also to continue the Clinic if the weather chases us from the fields.

Is this Clinic aimed more for boys?

Absolutely not!  I know for a fact that the coaches from Madrid are very much looking forward to seeing how young American girls play and train.  Everyone around the world knows that the US lead the way on the women's side of the game, and so they are very much expecting to see plenty of girls on Monday and are also looking forward to working with them all week.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo be there?


The Magic of Madrid

As with all sports, there are certain soccer clubs that just conjure up magical images of success, drama, big games, and the world's greatest players.  Clubs such as AC Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool, Ajax of Amsterdam, FC Barcelona, and Real Madrid.  Clubs that are steeped in tradition.  They are the at the absolute pinnacle of the game and each one has a special aura about them.  Even their kits are stuff of legend!   In a few weeks time, barring any sensational upsets in the 2nd leg of their semi-finals, Ajax will play Manchester United in the final of the Europa League, and Juventus will face off against Real Madrid in the Champions League final.

Madrid are also the current holders of the Champions League trophy, and have won it an unprecedented 11 times.  They have also won La Liga 32 times, the Spanish Cup 19 times, and were voted by FIFA the best club in the world for the last century.  They have always had legendary players: Di Stefano, Butrageno, Zidane, and Cristiano Ronaldo to name a few.

It is almost surreal to say this but Real Madrid Are COMING TO LANCASTER COUNTY this summer in the form of a week long clinic with two of their top Youth Academy coaches.  Penn Legacy have been chosen as the host club and we are SO excited to offer this opportunity to our players, and indeed all local soccer players.  The attending players will be taught in the ways of their young counterparts in the famed Real Madrid Youth Academy, and our Penn Legacy coaches will also receive instruction in their youth coaching methodologies.  

All in all, it should be a fantastic week and I really cannot emphasize enough how unique an opportunity this is.  I have been told that the experience is very different to most summer soccer camps in that they (Real Madrid's) have a multi-faceted approach to teaching the game that really resonates with young players and allows for an incredibly fulfilling week.  Rossi and myself will be on-hand every day to aid and assist the coaches from Madrid, as well as many of our own PL coaches, so I can promise the excitement is building already!

Reserve your spot as soon as possible!

This program offers a once in a lifetime experience to be coached for a week by the youth coaches of one of the world's greatest professional soccer clubs. Real Madrid Foundation will be running a clinic at the Penn Legacy soccer fields in conjunction with Penn Legacy Football Club, and you will enjoy a week of intense training with world class coaches. Open to ALL boys and girls ages 8-17.

All campers will get to go through training every day with Real Madrid Foundation coaches, while also receiving a training kit and signed diploma from Real Madrid Foundation upon completion of the clinic.


Monday, June 26, 2017 - Friday, June 30, 2017

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Penn Legacy Soccer Fields

1695 State Street

East Petersburg, Pennsylvania 17520



Easter Monday Play Day

Penn Legacy will host a free and optional opportunity to come play at our Junction Road fields this Easter Monday from 10am to 12pm.  Simply show up and members of our coaching staff will put you in age appropriate games.  No coaching, no pressure, just come out and play.  Stay for the 2 hours, come for an hour, whatever works for your schedule.  Bring a friend or sibling, bring your cousin from out of town!  We just want to provide the opportunity for kids to come play street soccer style in a safe and supervised environment.

When?  Easter Monday (April 17th).  10am-12pm

Where?  JTL Training Complex (park at the gravel car park side)

Why?  For the love of the game

Any special instructions?  Please wear a black shirt, bring a ball, and your own water.  All are welcome, you do not need to play for the club to attend.

What can we learn from FC Barcelona?

As you may well have seen, FC Barcelona went into the 2nd leg of their recent Champions League tie with Paris St. Germain down 4-0 from the first leg.  As good as they are, and even with You-Know-Who in their ranks, they were pretty much written off and given no chance of turning around the tie.  After 88 minutes of the second leg they were even further out of it.  Despite leading the 2nd leg 3-1, they still needed 3 goals to advance due to the complicated "away goals" rule in European competitions.

Then a funny thing happened........Barcelona scored again in that 88th minute to make it 4-1 on the night, and almost immediately 6 minutes of stoppage time went up on the boards.  The home crowd roared them on, sensing that the unthinkable might yet happen.  Strangely, the players didn't rush to grab the ball out of the net, or even sprint back to the halfway line.  They knew PSG were a top, top team full of experienced international players.  Surely they would see out the game with what was still a 2 goal cushion.

But history will tell us that they wouldn't.  Barcelona did indeed score 2 more goals in stoppage time and it was they who ran around celebrating like crazy people at the end, not the team from Paris who had let a seemingly unassailable lead slip through their fingers.

Apart from savoring what was simply an amazing sporting occasion, the idea crept into my head that there was more to take from this game.  The players of Barcelona never stopped playing their hardest, never stopped running, never gave up.  Not only that, they didn't change tactics or panic.  They believed that they would score enough goals to win the game.  Their fans also never gave up, and never got on their players' backs.  They supported them the whole way through because they saw the commitment from the players and that was enough for them.  

As a youth soccer player, many things happen over the course of your time playing the game.  Sometimes you question your own ability.  Sometimes you wonder if this is really what you want to devote some much time, energy, and emotion to.  Sometimes you question your coach, or your teammates.  Sometimes you even question your passion for the game.

Did the Barcelona players go through some of those moments leading up to the game, knowing they were 4-0 down and hearing everyone say they had no chance?  Did they question themselves during the actual game as the minutes ticked by?  I am sure they did.  But they didn't dwell on it.  They didn't turn negative on each other, and they continued to focus on what they could control; their game plan, their determination to win every ball, their 1v1 battle against their immediate opponent.  They gave us all a lesson in how to continue to do the right thing, with utmost conviction, and to never, ever give up.

If you do all this, are you guaranteed the success and utter jubilation that the Barca players felt at the final whistle?  No, not at all.  But you are guaranteed the inner feeling of complete satisfaction that you gave your absolute all, as an individual and as a teammate, and sometimes that is all that matters.......

Real Madrid Foundation Clinics Registration

Penn Legacy is proud to be a part of a select group of adidas clubs invited to host Real Madrid Foundation Clinics in 2017.

This program offers a once in a lifetime experience to be coached for a week by the youth coaches of one of the world's greatest professional soccer clubs. Real Madrid Foundation will be running a clinic at the Penn Legacy soccer fields in conjunction with Penn Legacy Football Club, and you will enjoy a week of intense training with world class coaches. Open to ALL boys and girls ages 8-17.

All campers will get to go through training every day with Real Madrid Foundation coaches, while also receiving a training kit and signed diploma from Real Madrid Foundation upon completion of the clinic.


Monday, June 26, 2017 - Friday, June 30, 2017

9:00 AM - 3:00 PM


Penn Legacy Soccer Fields

1695 State Street

East Petersburg, Pennsylvania 17520


Xbox vs Xtra Training

I think we can all agree that the game of soccer is by no means an easy one. Before we even introduce the ball you need coordination, balance, and agility. Once the ball comes in you need composure, a soft first touch, good technique, and comfort with both feet. Then we add teammates and opponents and everything gets so much more complicated as game awareness and decision-making becomes so important. Lastly we add the competitive element and now there is the pressure to execute all of the above in the frenzy of the actual game.

So how does a youth player improve? How can a coach work on all of this with only 2 practice sessions a week and many players to look out for? 

The answer, in my humble opinion, can lie in the players themselves. Ten minutes a day spent with a ball getting quality touches will add up to over 3,500 minutes a year. 15 minutes will amount to almost 5,500 a year. Juggle a tennis ball while taking a break from school work; use only your weaker foot while striking a ball against a wall; juggle with a teammate before practice starts; watch some Coerver moves/skills on YouTube and try to replicate; even work on balance and coordination exercises while watching television. In short, spend time improving your body mastery and ball mastery skills and I promise you'll be astounded at how much you'll improve at this sport. No matter what your long-term plan for your soccer career may be, surely it is worth spending 10-15 minutes a day to become the best player you can be.  

In the spirit of my previous declaration of The Year of Individual Technical Improvement, we are going to have a little competition where players can send in a short video of them juggling with a ball, or demonstrating a move. The top three entrants will receive a nice prize.

XBOX vs Xtra Challenge

TYPE OF VIDEOS: you juggling a ball or demonstrating a move

INSTAGRAM - take a video on Instagram and tag @PennLegacySoccer

FACEBOOK - post your video or share your YouTube video link to our wall on Penn Legacy’s Facebook Page

EMAIL - send your video to

HASHTAG - #PennLegacy #XBOXvsXtra

Deadline: Feb 28th, 2017

PL Speed & Agility Training Begins 2/21

Our Speed and Agility program is proving to be a smash hit.  This upcoming session will be the last one of this off-season as it will take us into the actual outdoor soccer season.  Take advantage of this special club offer and give yourself the best possible preparation for the spring season.   

The importance of speed and agility training in the sport of soccer is that it is a fundamental element in everything a player needs to do. When it comes to technical expertise and comfort on the ball, we must backtrack to the player's first touch. Before that is their balance and footwork before the ball even arrives. The same can be said of what happens as soon as the player has the ball. Speed and explosiveness is the great separator. it is with all this mind that we came up with a soccer action specific training program in conjunction with the experts at The Nook. It will work on conditioning for sure, plus injury prevention, but it will also focus on change of direction, foot speed, agility, balance, coordination, and posture. Included in the sessions will be pre and post testing so that improvements can be measured and quantified. All in all, it should prove to be an excellent program for all our players who attend.

Where? The Nook

When? Tuesday and Thursday evenings 4-7pm

Feb 21st (pre-testing day), 23rd, 28th,

Mar 2nd, 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, 28th, 30th,

Apr 4th (post-testing day).

4-5pm - u16 though u19
5-6pm - u13 through u15
6-7pm - u9 through u12
Cost? $89 for 12 sessions plus post-testing.

Be sure to type "Penn Legacy" into search box when registering.


Penn Legacy Selected to Host Real Madrid Foundation Clinic in June 2017

Penn Legacy recently announced our first ever club trip to Real Madrid this August. At the end of that message it was mentioned that there was more exciting news to come.
Well we are now DELIGHTED to announce that Penn Legacy has been selected as host of an Official Adidas Real Madrid Foundation Clinic in June 2017. From June 26th to 30th we will be hosting an OFFICIAL Real Madrid Foundation Clinic with OFFICIAL Real Madrid Foundation coaches, selected by the Real Madrid C.F. Academy Director.  
The @Real Madrid Foundation Clinics U.S.A. details and registration information will be announced soon, but for now,
Save the Dates - June 26th-30th, 2017
-Seamus Donnelly, Director of Coaching & Player Development

Sean O’Hearn Called up to U.S. U-19 Training Camp

Sean O’Hearn, is a local soccer standout who began loving the game at the early age of 4 years old. Now at 18 years of age, Sean is a senior at Hempfield H.S. who committed to Georgetown University, and recently gained experience with the U.S. Under-19 Men’s National Team.

The U19 USMNT Head Coach, Brad Friedel, called up Sean O’Hearn to the roster for domestic training camps which took place this past October and November. The U19 squad then faced Miami FC, a USL Premier Development team, on Nov 13th at Lockhart Stadium with a 5-0 victory. “It was such an amazing experience,” Sean says, “There is no better feeling than putting on that USA jersey for the first time. Flying out to California, then Florida, and playing with some of the best players in the country was truly surreal.”

Sean began playing soccer with Penn Legacy’s Futures Program (formerly known as “Academy”) under Gary Ross “Rossi,” Penn Legacy’s Technical Director of U4-10. Rossi remembers Sean’s fun loving attitude, and says, “Sean was like all the other kids at that time. He loved the game and even at such a young age he enjoyed coming to the field and playing. Really it was that simple. He has blossomed over the last few years, but as a child he was one of many children who just loved to come to the park, run around, have fun and play soccer.”

Sean reminisces about his childhood, and says, “My first soccer memory was when I was 5 or 6 years old and playing intramural soccer at Amos Herr park. My dad the previous week taught me how to celebrate a goal by putting my shirt over my head and doing an airplane as a joke. When I scored in my game that next weekend, I celebrated by doing that. (Sean laughs) My parents weren't that pleased with me for doing that.”

From U9-13, Sean played for Penn Legacy’s Travel Program. Penn Legacy’s DOC, Seamus Donnelly, says ”Sean was part of a fantastic group that played some phenomenal football here over a period of 4 or 5 years.  He obviously had a ton of natural ability, but matched that with an inner drive to improve and excel, and he treated every training session and game with an absolute intensity that really propelled his development into a top, top player.  Sean was also a great kid and teammate.  We are all very, very proud of him and what he is accomplishing."

At U14, Sean, joined Pa Classic’s pre-academy program and was named to the Development Academy’s Under-17/18 East Conference Team for 2015-16. Steve Klein, Sean’s coach at PA Classics, describes him as a “very, very solid player who’s good with his feet and is a tenacious defender.”

Sean O’Hearn is one of the top 100 high school seniors in the country, and ranked as the 97th best prospect in the Class of 2017, according to College Soccer News’ recruiting experts. Sean said his ultimate goals are to have a successful collegiate career at Georgetown University, play in the MLS, and be part of the U.S. National Team. When asked what advice he’d give to young players just entering the world of club soccer, Sean replied, “If you really love the game, just work hard and good things will come. Soccer is my passion, and to me it’s always been easy to work hard, because I have always wanted to be the best that I can be.”