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6th Annual

Update Mar 4 @ 4:50 PM Our crack field Marshalls just walked the stadium field, and although it’s melting and 40% visible, there are still a couple inches of slush on the remainder of the turf.  Unfortunately, the quad fields (2) are not in as good a situation as both have a lot of water unable to drain through them.


Here’s the latest from the local Snow Storm Weather forecasters:

It looks like the heaviest snow on thursday will be to the south of us but we’re banking on 4-6” in our localized area with very cold temp’s to follow. Saturday AM will be 9 degrees when the games are scheduled to start. With single digit temps at night on Saturday night it will be frozen ice again.


Bottom line:

If it was just 2-4” of snow we would play -  But  - dealing with the frozen ice underneath and refreezing makes going forward with a rugby tournament  unsafe as of now.  A very hard decision for us as we know so many people wanted to come play.  We, however, as event directors, are required to keep the safety of the athletes in mind so we feel we are making the best decision in what is a terrible situation.

We will work to get refunds out for all paid teams over the next 2 weeks. If you paid by check we will need to whom the check should be made payable to, and the mailing address.

Please email that to rugbydirector@pennlegacy.org

We plan to have the event again next year and that we hope you all come back to play!


Frostbite Rugby Tournament Committee

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March 2015: Sat, March 7 and Sun, March 8




Hempfield High School, Lancaster, PA. Matches will be played in the football stadium and the two adjacent all purpose turf fields and grass fields are also available.

Fields are lighted, and will be temporarily chalked with rugby lines.  Access to adjacent middle school cafeteria for team meetings/game prep is also available.


This is a great opportunity for pre-season work in a tournament atmosphere. Get game experience for your new players and shake-out the wrinkles for your veteran players.

Be ready for your Spring Season!

Prep for the Spring Season!

6th Annual Tournament

Godek Rugby will also attend the tournament. Click here to sign up in advance for special offers.