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Girls Teams

Team Name

Coaches | Bios

Penn Legacy '05 Black-U09-f 

Laura Wagner

Penn Legacy '04 Black-U10-f 

Linda Lee Hershey

Penn Legacy '04 White-U10-f 

Jordan Nendza

Penn Legacy '03 Black-U11-f 

Kenny Archer 

Penn Legacy '03 White-U11-f 

Nate Davis

Penn Legacy '02 Black-U12-f 

Jourdan Brill

Penn Legacy '02 White-U12-f 

Brittney Contacos

Penn Legacy '01 Black-U13-f 

Wes Deininger

Penn Legacy '01 White-U13-f 

Scott Steffen

Penn Legacy '00 Black-U14-f 

Linda Lee Hershey

Penn Legacy '00 White-U14-f 

Teresa Ryner

Penn Legacy '99 Black-U15-f 

Jason Mackey

Penn Legacy '99 White-U15-f 

Jamie Kuntz

Penn Legacy '98 Black-U16-f 

Brittney Contacos

Penn Legacy '98 White-U16-f 

Andrew Keener

Penn Legacy '97 Black-U17-f 

Carli Brill

Penn Legacy '97 White-U17-f 

Ted Savicky

Penn Legacy '96 Black-U18-f 

Wendell Hannaford

Penn Legacy '95 Black-U19-f 

Mike Logan


Boys Teams

Team Name

Coaches | Bios

Penn Legacy '05 Black-U09-m  Gary Ross
Penn Legacy '05 White-U09-m  Jordan Nendza
Penn Legacy '04 Black-U10-m  Dave Simpson
Penn Legacy '03 Black-U11-m  Don Henriques
Penn Legacy '03 White-U11-m  Dave Ammon
Penn Legacy '02 Black-U12-m  Mike Seigfried
Penn Legacy '02 White-U12-m  Dave Simpson
Penn Legacy '01 Black-U13-m  Kyle Diem
Penn Legacy '00 Black-U14-m  Bill Cifuni
Penn Legacy '00 White-U14-m  Dave German
Penn Legacy '99 Black-U15-m  Wally Bulat
Penn Legacy '98 Black-U16-m  Kenny Archer
Penn Legacy '98 White-U16-m  Jacob Marino
Penn Legacy '97 Black-U17-m  Mike Seigfried
Penn Legacy '95 Black-U19-m  Adam Wolf







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