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As you all know by now, Penn Legacy is about to host a unique sporting occasion in this area when our weeklong Real Madrid Foundation Clinic begins on June 26th.  I have fielded some excellent questions in recent weeks relating to the clinic and so I thought I would take a minute to publicly answer some questions/concerns as it may help everyone interested in signing up for the week.

Who exactly is running the Clinic?  

The Clinic is run as a joint-partnership between Penn Legacy and generation adidas international (the international youth development arm of the brand adidas).  Generation adidas provides the access to Real Madrid Foundation coaches, while both GAI and Penn Legacy handle all clinic logistics and operations.

Why is it called a Clinic and not simply a Camp?  Is there a difference?

Yes and no.  The Real Madrid Foundation use the word "Clinic" to make a clear distinction between what they do, and what is normally thought of when the word "Camp" is used.  It is set up like a summer camp in terms of hours and lunch break, but the actual content of what goes on during the week, they feel, is much different than a normal week of soccer camp. 

Will the coaches be actual coaches from Real madrid?

Absolutely.  There will be 2 Real Madrid coaches in charge of our Clinic.  They currently work in the famed Real Madrid Youth Academy in "The City of Football" and also work in The Real Madrid Foundation, which goes out into the clubs and schools of Madrid to work with kids of all ages in their football development.  So these coaches have seen it all, they operate with some of the top youth talent in the world, and also with kids who love the game but don't actually get to play in the Real Madrid Academy.

Will there be any Penn Legacy coaches present?

Yes, for sure.  Rossi and I will be there all week, along with other club coaches to assist the Real Madrid coaches.

What is the format of the Clinic?

The players will participate in an intense and demanding session with one of the Real Madrid coaches each morning and afternoon.  Before and after each of their 2 daily sessions with the Real Madrid coaches they will spend time with either Rossi or I working in a more relaxed environment where technique and other vital elements of development will be the focus.  Every day will follow the Real Madrid Methodology for Youth Development.  More details on the daily itinerary will be sent to each registrant in the form of an official newsletter from generation adidas international.

How come the entire week is not spent with the Real Madrid coaches?

This goes back to the Clinic vs Camp question.  Their belief is that it is impossible to spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, working in an intense, demanding environment.  There must be a break to recover and perform other soccer skills in order to maximise the intense part.  The goal is that Thursday's and Friday's sessions with the Real Madrid coaches are every bit as intense and energetic as Monday's and Tuesday's.  I think we have all seen what normally happens at soccer camp when, by Thursday, blisters, cramp, and heat exhaustion have taken over, and everyone kind of goes through the motions until the next water break.  This should not occur at this Clinic, and I think it will lead to a much more productive week of learning.

What are the plans for heat?  What about lunch breaks?

We are delighted to be working with Lanco Fieldhouse for the week where we plan on utilizing their facility for parts of each day to take a break from the heat and just to do something different.  All the logistics about this will be announced on the first day.  The fields we will be using are the ones along Lemon Street which is a short, safe walk to the Fieldhouse.  The Fieldhouse will also be available in the event of any severe weather during the week for cover and safety, and also to continue the Clinic if the weather chases us from the fields.

Is this Clinic aimed more for boys?

Absolutely not!  I know for a fact that the coaches from Madrid are very much looking forward to seeing how young American girls play and train.  Everyone around the world knows that the US lead the way on the women's side of the game, and so they are very much expecting to see plenty of girls on Monday and are also looking forward to working with them all week.

Will Cristiano Ronaldo be there?


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