The Club is celebrating its 40th birthday with a very special Spiritwear Store with limited edition items that will include a commemorative "1977" embroidered logo. 

Get these items while you can!

Deadline to order is August 2nd.  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO AUG 6 at 11pm ET


 Why is everything Black? 

There are several reasons for the Back in Black theme.

  • We want to finally reach a point where all of our players are attending practices/clinics/events in official Penn Legacy gear that is black in color.  This spiritwear store is an opportunity for players to fill with items that can be worn as leisure wear but can also be worn as official Penn Legacy training gear.
  • Black was also one of the official original colors of the Club when it formed in 1977.  Hence the Back in Black and the 1977 commemorative logo embroidery on many of the limited edition items.  
  • We think the gear is special and hope you do too!

Will this commemorative 1977 embroidery patch be available in future spirit wear stores? 

  • No, this is a limited edition selection and won't be available for another 5 or 10 years!  We may offer items for the holidays that will also celebrate our 40th year, but it won't be with this 1977 embroidery. 

Why does some of the gear have PLFC on it?

  • FC indicates Football Club- of course the game is more widely known as soccer in this country, but this reminds us that, even in our small corner of Pennsylvania, we are part of the global phenomenon that is the sport of football


We hope we have helped clarify the theme of this store and that you will join us in celebrating our 40th year whether a spectator or player with some Back in Black gear!