Welcome to Penn Legacy!

Players registering after Tryouts have completed must follow all directions below to tryout and/or finalize acceptance to the team.

Step 1:

  • Enter player registration data into this linked form and submit. You will receive a registration confirmation, please disregard the references to tryouts that have passed.
  • Print a copy of the registration form after submitting, then sign and provide the form and a copy of the birth certificate to the registrar when requested. Email the registrar for instructions regarding best method to get those to him. Steve Rempala, Registrar
  • There is a $20 fee for this registration and it must be paid by credit card - all Penn Legacy registration and travel player fees are not refundable.

Step 2:
Below are handouts explaining the fees, training programs and team requirements.
(Additional team specific information will be provided by the coach and team manager.)

Step 3:
If accepted to a team, the registrar will then send you an email acceptance.

Upon receipt of the acceptance email:
Please follow the link within the acceptance email to accept the player's position on the team and please pay the first installment of the Annual Player Fees. Fees may be paid by credit card or mail-in check. All fees are non-refundable.

Step 4:

Required Forms and Paperwork - All Items must be sent to the Registrar, Steve Rempala
FORMS BELOW ARE AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD in pdf format, if you can't open them please download the most  current version of Adobe Reader free at adobe.com:

  1. Penn Legacy Tryout Registration Form – The registration document was available to print when you registered for tryouts. It was also available to print during the acceptance process. If you can't locate the email with the link to the registration form please ask Steve to email you a copy.
  2. Medical Release Form – Please complete and sign.
  3. Concussion Information Sheet - Please print, read, and sign.
  4. Codes of Conduct - Please print.  Player and parents must sign.
  5. Uniform worksheet Please print and take to fitting at Angelo’s Soccer Corner.  Bring completed worksheet home and email Tonia at Uniforms@pennlegacy.org for instructions regarding how to place your order online. 
  6. Photo. Email a photo of the player - Face shot only. Size should be 1” by 1” . Please write team name and player name on the back.
  7. Proof of Birth - Email a COPY of the player's State issued and stamped birth certificate (not a hospital birth certificate). A valid US Passport is also acceptable proof of birth.
  8. RG-6 Form -  (Make sure it prints out on only one page) 
    ALL PLAYERS complete and sign. If you are unsure how to complete the document details can be provided by Steve Rempala. 

Step 5:
Please contact the team manager and/or coach for team specific info regarding the team and schedules. Team Manager Coordinator, Steve Rempala, will be able to provide the team manager's contact info. Please email your request to him: Email: Steve Rempala




Club Mission Statement

We serve our community by providing all participants with a positive sports experience where they develop as persons and players while enhancing their social, emotional, and physical well-being in an environment of inclusiveness and sportsmanship.

Club Quick Facts

The Club is a 501c3 non-profit organization

The Club was founded in 1977

Over 1500 players participate in Club programs